Our Architecture Services Are Top Quality.
We guarantee it.

Let us start off by making you a BIG Promise.
If we say our drawings will be delivered by a specific date and we missed that date,
you pay absolutely nothing for that specific drawing phase submission.

After more than a decade in the construction industry we’ve seen many architects come and go.
We feel sorry for their clients that are victimized by such unorganized architects.

We are so confident in delivering our drawings on time that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is.

You see, we understand this is an important project in your life. This guarantee is just one more way to demonstrate our desire and commitment to meet and exceed your expectations. Also, we want to ensure you have an enjoyable design experience.

So at Home Architect Studio, we offer a simple guarantee.

We will provide you with a delivery date for the drawings,
and if for any reason we do not deliver them on time that drawing phase submission is on us.

For example, if we say the schematic design floor plans will be delivered on June 1st, and we deliver them on June 2nd, we will pay for that project phase submission.

How Can We Guarantee Our Drawing Deliveries?

It’s easy. We have a proprietary production system (combined with decades of experience) to know how long a submission will take.
The end result is that you can plan your project more accurately, and save more money.

We don’t rush. We deeply understand residential architecture, and know how things get built.
This allows us to define a drawing delivery date and stick with it. This also means we charge a little more than most of our competitors.

You don’t want a cheap architect…
A cheap architect may be the most expensive thing you’ll ever buy, it may cost you thousands of dollars down the road because of errors and omissions.
Cheap architects also often do the project as a side job or as unlicensed professionals, which is the reason they’re cheap.

We provide a highly skilled architecture service at a fair price and on time.
This is how you save money on your home project!


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