When trying to add value and function to your property, home additions can be a great option.

After all, a master suite addition yields a 63% return on investment, while adding a lovely porch addition can offer a 47% ROI. That said, not every addition renovation turns out the way the homeowner hopes. To avoid that scenario, you’ll want to stay away from the following mistakes when taking on home addition project.

MISTAKE#1: Trying to Do it Yourself (DIY)

It may be tempting to save money on home remodeling projects by forgoing professional help. However, the savings you experience will probably be completely canceled out by the time you’ll waste and the corrections you’ll have to make later on. Even if you’re experienced in the home improvement sector, you may be way in over your head if you’re suddenly faced with hiring subcontractors and fixing issues that may arise. Ultimately, going the DIY route isn’t worth it for a project of this scope. There are other ways you may be able to cut costs, even with help from a professional.


MISTAKE#2: Failing to Share Your Budget

As with any home improvement project, you will need to determine a budget — and communicate it to everyone. Otherwise, you could end up overspending during the design phase of the process and not realize the problem until it is too late. Keep in mind that the costs of construction and installation will be added on top of the costs of the design features as well. Make sure that your team knows the total budget you’re working with. If you’re looking to keep costs low in certain areas, everyone should be aware of those limits. Underestimating how much your addition will really cost can make your life much easier in the end.


MISTAKE #3: Not Having a Good Plan

Home additions can add on a good amount of extra usable space, which is a huge benefit. However, the goal of any good addition is to make it look as if it always was a part of the home. In other words, it should blend in seamlessly with the original structure. An addition that sticks out like a sore thumb may actually reduce your home’s resale value. You will want to ensure that your addition renovation is designed with your existing property in mind and that everything feels consistent. Your addition should feel impressive, rather than jarring.
When done correctly, addition renovations can make your home even better than it already was, allowing you to stay put for years or list your property for top dollar.

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