Property Zoning Review


Looking to build a new home on a vacant property?

Curious to know what you can do with your existing home or property?

Not sure what the next or first steps are?
Or what your local zoning will allow?

The Property Zoning Review is the perfect low cost option to decide if you are up for the challenge of  revitalizing your property.


Our Property Zoning Review is designed to provide answers to your unresolved property questions so you can begin to design your dream hone.

Our Property Zoning Review provides our customers with:

  • A Trusted design professional review our property’s current limitations
  • A determination if our design expectations can be met on the property
  • Seeing other property possibilities from a professional’s standpoint
  • Hearing about the home design process from a seasoned professional

The Property Zoning Review will deliver:

  • A clear understanding of your property’s setbacks
  • Zoning area calculations so you can know your property’s limitations.
  • Building Height Limits
  • Property Specific Zoning Designation
  • Property Specific Permitted Uses
  • If a variance may be needed.
    • Note: Final zoning confirmation only occurs when a full set of plans are submitted to the local zoning officer.

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