Modern Home


Tired of the typical traditional home, our client, a small business owner and her partner of 20 years asked us to create a modern home within a set budget where the traditional home was no longer the right investment. This project is still under development. Location: Montgomery,NJ Construction costs = $$ Client quote: Thank you Home

Modern Ranch


As a vacant land owner, our client, a single father with two college aged children asked us to create a modern version of the ranch style home so he could enjoy the view of the distant Appalachian mountains from his rear yard. This project is still under development.Location: Far Hills, NJConstruction costs = $$Client quote: Thank you

Modern Cape Cod


With the hopes of growing older in their final home; our clients, a middle aged couple with two children, asked to see if we could reimagine the Cape Cod style home.  The Cape Cod style home, provided them with a reminiscence of their childhood homes filled with fond memories. This was our first attempt at such a



To update an existing early 1900s Victorian in Montclair, we were asked to solve the owner’s problem of having a great deal of unusable space (enclosed sunrooms/porches). Our solution for this problem was to open up the entire first floor with the creation of a 2nd floor master bedroom suite. Location: Montclair, NJ Construction costs = $$$ Famous client quote: "I