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Dream Homes are possible.

Let’s start with a conversation.

  • First, what is your name?
  • Next, we will need some property & contact information.

Dreaming of a better home?

Home Architect Studio wants to help you create it.


Many people can build a home.
Will they however design to your needs?


Financial limitations can enhance a design.
Can innovation help with limited choices?


Schedules can save you money & stress.
Would an organized project reduce your stress?

Who is Home Architect Studio?

Home Architect Studio LLC offers a full range of architectural & construction management services including new home design, renovations and additions, historic preservation, adaptive re-use and sustainable design specifically for the residential home market.

Here are a few questions we may ask you about your dream home:

  1. What’s on your wish list? For example, high ceilings, grand entry, master on the first floor, large pantry, open concept, playroom, etc.
  2. How long do you plan to own this home?
  3. How many square feet do you need?
  4. How many bedrooms & bathrooms, cars in the garage, people seated in the dining room, bar stools at the kitchen island?
  5. Are there any special concerns that need to be accommodated in the new design, such as accessibility for a wheel chair or walker?
  6. Are there any architectural style and types of materials do you prefer?
  7. Where is your property located and how large is it? Do you have a property survey?
  8. Are there site features that will affect house placement? (i.e. trees, topography, views, water features, utility easements)
  9. Are there restrictions on what can be built from your home owners association, historic district design guidelines, city zoning, deed restrictions, etc.?
  10. What is your budget and do you have the necessary funding in place?

Why Home Architect Studio?


As residential architects, we specialize in homes.
Why? Because we want our clients to be our friends for life.


As architects we can design and manage your home project.  Providing you with ONE CONTACT from start until the end.


Every client is unique, and deserves their own luxury in life.  We seek the highest quality you deserve, and deliver it to you.

How does Home Architect Studio work?

Step 1

Talking about your dream home is a good start.

Have a meaningful conversation

Every dream home project should start with a conversation.
What does success look like to you?
How do you want to feel when you move in?

Step 2

Design your home together.

Design the Dream Home.

After much discussion, we will work together on the design.
What are your specific needs?
What is the look of your dream home?

Step 3

Build your dream home.

Build the Dream Home.

Once the design is finalized, we will work together on building it.
How should we build your home?
What is the construction quality you want?
How energy efficient is it?

Step 4

Enjoy your dream home.

Living in your Dream Home.

After all that hard work, time, and expenses.
Now comes the best part.

Enjoying your Dream Home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I pay in NJ property taxes for a renovated home?2021-06-02T18:29:01+00:00


Rates of property taxes and property assessments are controlled by each municipality and vary significantly. Most tax assessors in New Jersey are open to reviewing your floor plans to provide you with a rough estimate on your expected property taxes. We recommend you contact your local tax assessor upon completion of the design and before filing for permits. This will provide you with the best estimate on your property taxes before you incur any permitting costs.

Have any other questions about your home project?
We can help. Click here to schedule your FREE Architect Consultation.

I want to build a home addition. Where do I start?2021-06-02T18:16:44+00:00


It would be best to meet with an architect or builder before your start your project.


However, BEWARE of the FREE ESTIMATE. The free estimate is typically worth what you paid for. It’s strictly an opinion based on the current conversation. So many items like material costs, labor availability, and a variety of unknowns could cause your FREE ESTIMATE TO BE WORTHLESS. Your first step is to speak with a professional to understand the process, and your limitations.  

Have any other questions about your home project?
We can help. Click here to schedule your FREE Architect Consultation.

Do I need an architect to remodel my house?2021-03-25T19:51:21+00:00


Short answer is “it depends.”

For most paint and refinishing projects, the answer is typically no.
Unless you would like your architect to chose your finishes. 😊

For larger projects, like removing a load bearing wall or having an addition built the answer is YES.
You should really have an architect assist you in its design and construction documentation. And if you are fortunate enough to live near an architect who can help with the construction (like us 👷‍♂️) then he or she can also build the project for you.

As we mentioned before, it depends.😎

Have any other questions about your remodeling project?
We can help. Click here to schedule your FREE Architect Consultation.

How do I find the right architect for my project?2021-03-25T19:04:36+00:00


Home projects are complicated, and often lead to a great amount of stress. It is important to find an trusted architect who makes you feel comfortable, cherishes open communication, and who can handle the stress on your behalf. It’s also important to find an architect with experience in your project type.
  • Commercial architects are specialists in commercial spaces.
  • Residential architects are great in designing homes.

A quick online search for a nearby architect or reviewing a website like Houzz can serve as an important first step in your search; you should also seek referrals from those you know who’ve worked with the architect in the past.

Looking for an architect who specializes in home design?
We can help. Click here to schedule your FREE Architect Consultation.


Can I draw my own house plans?2021-01-28T20:34:02+00:00


The simple answer is YES only if you live in New Jersey and the drawings are for your own home.


Now the question should be; do you want to draw your own house plans?


Its the same as if you asked yourself:
  • Do I want to fix my own car?
  • Do I want to write my own will?
  • Do I want to replace my own roof?
  • Do I want to install this beam by myself?
  • Do I want to cook my own meal every night?

All of these tasks you can technically complete by yourself. But do you want to?

If the answer is yes & you have the wear withal, then we wish you the best of luck on this great task.

Just remember one very important thing; if anything goes wrong you can blame only blame YOURSELF.

Not really interested in drawing up your own house plans?
We can help. Click here to schedule your FREE Architect Consultation.


Can you provide references?2020-03-27T18:49:10+00:00


Yes we can! To protect our client’s privacy, we only provide references upon request.

What payment methods do you accept?2020-03-27T18:51:57+00:00


Home Architect Studio accepts cash, checks, home equity checks and money orders. We also provide payment options for credit cards, yet need to charge a 3.5% credit card charge to cover the transaction costs.

My contractor says he can design/build my project. What do you offer that is different?2020-03-24T04:30:41+00:00


There are some advantages to design/build that appeal to many people. How we are different is that as an architect, licensed by the state, we have the duty to act as your agent during the project and to ALWAYS look out for your best interests.  Our experience at being involved in 100s of construction projects makes us your expert and advocate through the course of municipal approvals and construction.
Why do you charge for initial consultations?2020-03-24T04:25:33+00:00


Because of our 20+ years of experience, we provide a lot more information and value in an initial consultation than other design professionals. We call this initial consultation a Home Project Review. During the home project review, we help with defining the scope of work, preparing budgets, give design advice, discuss zoning requirements, detail information on the process of design through permitting, customize services, share pitfalls that could impact the project, and other information customized to the your project’s specific needs. This information is yours to take to any design professional you meet and will give you a jump start on your project and help you define realistic goals. We also offer FREE phone consultations if costs are a concern.

What is the difference between a designer and an architect?2020-03-24T04:16:59+00:00


A designer is not licensed.

An architect is licensed by the State and must have completed a minimum of 8 years experience of education and internship, extensive testing and regular continuing education to receive and keep their license up to date.  Architects are also required to have a working knowledge of building systems, such as structure, heating & cooling, plumbing, electrical, and many more.

What value does an architect bring to a project?2020-03-24T04:16:59+00:00


An architect can provide an unsurpassed level of comfort for you, relationship building, cost control, management of the project team, creativity, scheduling, clear communications, construction knowledge, contract documents, cost estimates, quality control, risk protection…all for you.
Do I need a full set of architectural drawings and specifications?2020-03-24T04:17:00+00:00


You will save a lot of money with a good set of architectural drawings and specifications.

The contractors will have very clear and complete information to enable them to prepare a very competitive bid. Vague or incomplete drawings will leave too many items unclear and result in higher prices, delays, and change order costs. You will usually save most of the architect’s fee when you open your contractors’ bids because a complete set of plans and specifications has eliminated virtually all of the unknowns that drive your costs higher.

What do architectural services cost?2020-03-24T04:17:00+00:00


Compensation for architectural services varies greatly, and is the same as asking “How much does a car cost?”

The rate of compensation really depends on the complexity of the project; as a rule of thumb, most projects have fees that range anywhere from 3% to 15% of the construction cost.  The first step in understanding costs is to have a conversation with an architect before any design is initiated. Our phone consultation is an option if you are still in the early phases of your project.

My contractor said that I don’t need an architect2021-01-28T20:36:58+00:00


You need an architect and a contractor because each brings separate and necessary skills to make your project a success.

An architect provides creative design skills, an engineering team, detailed documents for bidding and construction, and is the owner’s eyes and ears on the project to ensure quality construction as well as protect the owner’s interests. An architect is your representative and minimizes your risk in all your interactions with the contractor and subcontractors. In residential architecture, this is often crucial to the success of the project.

In addition to designing your project, we can also provide construction management services where the questions between you, the builder, and the architect disappear as we will manage your project from the beginning until the day you move in.

Looking for more proof that hiring an architect is worth it? Take a look at this Popular Mechanics article for great insight.

And if you ready for a chat? Schedule your FREE Architect Consultation. We would be happy to help with your project.

Why should I hire an architect?2020-03-24T04:17:00+00:00


Design and construction is a complex and often expensive undertaking that requires professional training. Creative design, an understanding of construction technologies, structural design, a mechanical & electrical engineering design team, knowledge of pricing, and ability to coordinate lots of complex technical information with a diverse team of people is what an architect will bring to your project. It is the time-proven best way to get a building designed and built. Staying with in your budget and schedule has to be coordinated by an experienced design professional. Without an architect, you will be unlikely to meet your goals and you will be subject to a lot of risk during this process.

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